I will get married!
I will walk down the aisle; beautifully decorated in orange petals; in my A-fitted bodice that has a modest flair in the skirt. Exactly the material I need, ivory satin and Chantilly laced. Perfect dress for my hour- glass body.
As culture dictates, my father will be on my right in his black tux. Suave handmade clothing worth a whole month’s salary. Mama will whisper to me how father looks 10 years younger. Speaking of Mama, she will be on my left. Her head wrap will make taller for the first time in a long time. Donning Ankara head to toe, she will say how queenly she feels.
I will walk down to Maurette Brown’s – The One He Kept for Me, as my testimony and dedication to my husband. I know I will be blown away by how handsome my husband will look. We will we share our love with the entire congregation but most importantly before God. It will be awkward kissing my husband. In fact I might be shy…my parents seeing their little girl kissing her husband. I will be Mrs. I will be married to the man God kept for me. I will be his good thing, his missing rib, his answered prayer. We will treasure each other!
Then I will be a mother!
I will probably get pregnant a few years into our marriage. It will take time for me to get used to being the prefix Mrs. and also the fact that my husband and I will now be referred to as one entity. You know how they say Mr and Mrs or maybe The Xs? That one. I will finally experience the thrill of peeing on a stick, I know I’ll mess up a few times, I mean how accurate could you be in directing pee to a stick? This will probably be a few days after I missed my menses or maybe after a few weeks of feeling ‘funny’. Trust me funny is an actual feeling. That day I will wait on the Mr to give him the good news. I know he will be excited.
Pregnancy will be an adventure, that I know for sure. From morning sicknesses to cravings to gaining weight to feelings the kicks and movements inside me. All these will be in anticipation to the uncomfortable pains that will lead to the grand push! I can imagine holding a tiny human who is the product of love as being the most surreal feeling in the world.
I can’t wait for all these to come to pass. I mean I can wait and I will wait but I can’t wait, you know.

But until then I will be 20.

I will pursue my undergraduate and maybe my masters thereafter only after I am sure what I want to be a master in. I will volunteer to help the helpless. It is written, it’s more blessed to give than to receive *wink*. I will work as an unpaid intern and get valuable skills. I will use my skills to propel myself to the top of the ladder smash the glass ceiling.

Then I will quit.
I will go start my own entity and run it with the high standards that I have learned to apply in all I do. I will make money. Lots of money and invest in risky and not so risky ventures. I will make friends along the way, while losing some. I will grow and shed off certain habits, I will respect the process and be patient through it all, I will wait, I will be disciplined enough to know that there is a time for everything under the sun. I will learn the value of every process, I will wait!
I will grow!
I will learn!
I will become the woman I saw in my dreams.
I will be 20!

~ Anonymous

Another Guest….. 😊😊😊


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