The alarm went off, she reached for the snooze button on her gold plated phone, she got up slowly as her head was heavy, she had downed one too many, “I’ve got a war in my hands” she had to remind herself. She knelt down and prayed her rosary, asking for grace and mercy from our good Lord. She checked her mails and social feeds just to keep up with what had already transpired when she was asleep.

She got glammed up, and as she reached for her car keys, her phone rang, she couldn’t i.d the number so part of her wanted to ignore it but since she was a curious woman, she picked it..”Mrs. DuBoise!? I think you should make your way to the office as fast as you can, he is here!” She didn’t bother to ask who it was, she just knew she had to somehow get to her office, she could teleport if she could, how she wish she could!

The elevator doors flung open and she hurried to the office, ignoring all the courtesies coming her way, all those ‘Morning ma’am’ could wait..the sight of him made her halt at the door. She wanted to curse, but the grace of our good Lord was with her, she eased out a sigh then she pushed the door open. ” Hello love!” Mr.DuBoise with his sarcastic tone, “you are awfully late, no wonder half of your board were not  keen to stay, you have lost your spark?? What is it? Loneliness?? You’ve lost your uumph!” He said with a coy smile. ” where are my manners, here have a seat, can I get you some coffee? Bagels?”… “Henry, why on earth would you show up in my office like this?? with that cheap perfume of yours, you know Alfred Dunhill is a dear friend of mine, I can get you an appointment with him if you fancy!” said Mrs. DuBoise.

“You were always mean Gwen, I’ve missed you, when is my daughter coming back from school, I miss going to the park, these Senza Rivallis have such a grip on my balls, I mean damn!” said Mr.DuBoise. ” Henry, what kind of a man declares war and still lingers around the enemy’s camp, I mean, unless you are here to concede defeat or for truce, common Henry, look at you! Are you that hurt? I earned my stripes you know! I made you! I took you from a boy to an elder, people respect that sack of semen you have between your thighs, because I made you, I earned you respect, I let you mount me for twelve years and that makes you a king, I gave you two beautiful daughters and now you parade yourself around the media like you have shit to offer! Oh my God Henry! This thing you have, this war is just bottom line childish, I really bruised your ego that bad!? I really effed you up that bad?? A real man owns up to his shit and he gets his shit together and works on rebuilding that which was lost. I told you the other day and I will tell you again, you are the one who wants to fight, you are the one who fired the first salvo, you really want this dance so bad? Well, lets dance Henry, lets dance!” she said as she placed her files on the desk. Mrs. DuBoise strutted to the door and held it open as she gestures to Mr.DuBoise, “Well are you gonna stand there and sulk, you have a war to wage, unlike you, I have an empire to run”. Mr. DuBoise, humbled buttoned his coat, and with a smirk walked off stood outside the door and turned to her  “I will hurt you so bad Gwen, enjoy it while it lasts, because I will blow everything up, I came to offer you a polite way out, for the sake of our daughters, and for the little respect I have for your petite self”. Mrs.DuBoise shut the door on his face  and watched him walk away and she walked to her desk and reached for the antique chest besides her desk and drew a bottle of blended whiskey, she poured herself some, as her body was shaking, she was angry, enraged by the nerve of him coming to her office, making her appear vulnerable.

She reached for the phone, “Hello mike, i need you to wire some money to my London account asap!” she put the phone down and dialled in her mobile phone “Hello Chris, how far are we?” then the voice on the other head answered “We are on the last phase ma’am”. Mrs.DuBoise replied “The money is being wired, any moment now, you know what to do” then she hang up.

She stared at her files, she was disoriented, just as she booted on her laptop, her phone rang, it was unidentified number, she got curious, she picked it “Hello mum, have you heard from Jade, I think something is wrong, I can feel it, she hasn’t been at her apartment for the last three days, she isn’t picking her phone, I think something has happened to her” said a desperate voice which immediately registered to her as her daughter. “Vanessa, calm down, what do you mean Jade is missing, have you confirmed with her friends?? Boyfriend?? Anyone??” answered Mrs.DuBoise, the adrenaline and panic started to rave her up “Mum, please do something, I can feel that something is wrong, call dad or something! Please!” Vanessa started to sob in desperation and panic. “Ok stay put honey, ill be with you in a few!” She took a gulp of her whiskey and lifted her office phone, “Fiona, please book me on the next flight to Paris asap! Its an emergency!” She got her coat and made her way to the door….

To be continued…. 


Hey all, the story continues


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