They say that every road leads to an end..

To what end was she willing to go?

The rain slapped the ballast as the wheels glided across the surface, the engine mellowed down and she turned the key to lock the steering wheel as she gently eased out of the car, the concierge had already held the umbrella for her as she handed the keys to the valet..her Manolos buoyed over the wet cabro as she strutted towards the door, the concierge got it for her. Soon as the receptionist caught a glimpsed of her she jumped on her fit and her default smile eased out of her round shaped face, punctuated by dimples on either side, “afternoon Mrs. DuBoise”.. “Get the board room ready!” Mrs. DuBoise reckoned, without even giving the receptionist facial contact. “Right away Mrs. DuBoise” she answered as she picked up her earpiece and some papers.


_20170629_145051She flung the boardroom doors open she uttered to her peers “please remain seated” as she strutted to her chair at the edge of the oval table. She handed over her Cashmere trench coat to her assistant as she reckoned Β ” hold all my calls and blur out the glass walls, if you may, thank you”.


As soon as her assistant had closed the doors behind her, she cleared her throat eased out a sigh before placing her hands at the tempered glass, ” Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.” “Thank you for responding in such a short time, its always an honour to have a meeting of the minds”. ” I wouldn’t call on you, my peers, if it wasn’t a matter of easy resolve but I must insist that as of this minute we find ourselves, or rather, I find myself in a position where I’m afraid I need to bank on your support.”

“As you can affirm, my ex-husband and I have built this empire and trusted it in your wise counsel ladies and gentlemen, but along the way we fell out and we settled everything on grounds of mutual consent and every pair of eyes present in this room bore witness to that.”


” It now appears, in light of a series of recent events coupled by a subliminal messages in his public speeches at every event he graces, that my husband is gearing up for a hostile take over and he clearly has eyes set on the name engraved at my office, well, call it a recompense of some sort, considering how hard he fell from the top of the food chain!” “All these he confirmed in the flesh when he walked into my house this morning and I must admit, it really unsettles all of my gut!”

“So now my peers, I have to ask of you, from a one friend to another, who is willing to stay and fight with me, I have always been liberal and whoever feels to opt out, please, feel free to exit the building, your dues will be wired to your accounts effective immediately and we will end our relationship like gentlemen.”

Two ladies and three men woke up and adjusted their buttons and shook her hand each paying homage, ” its been an honour ladies and gentlemen,” she said as she saw them out with a smile, but inside she was already bruised, her calculation seemed to already play at a disadvantage.

She took her seat and looked at the remaining six, she smiled, she was already humbled by their loyalty, “I admire your loyalty and support, I’m humbled to bank on your friendship first and foremost, as you are all aware, my ex-husband is a wild hound, all he eats and breathes is savagery, that being said, you know he doesn’t play fair, he will come after each of you and even involve your families but I promise that I will put my all in ensuring that each one of your kin is kept from harm and incase of any losses or harm incurred, you will be heavily compensated!”

She rose up and walked to the the edge of the room and drew open the antique chest and drew out a bottle of scotch and reached for glasses as she poured each one of them a drink.

” My friends, war is coming, it will be brutal and ugly but I can be rest assured with your support and commitment we will survive and overcome the storm… A toast to the future and a remarkable,victory ahead!”

As they sipped their drinks she dialled a number and as the phone clicked to connect she said “Hello Chris, I have secured the a formidable force, I am ready, initiate phase 2!”
To be continued….


Another Thursday…. New guest

Till next week!


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  1. Marita says:

    Wueh…mimi nilifunzwa kizungu wapi?
    this is amazing…can’t wait for the next postπŸ’―πŸ’―

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    1. nabwirae says:

      Ahahaha….. The likes of us 😜 thanks 😊 😊 you should


  2. ucheymalo says:

    Niiiiice 😍

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