Do you remember yesterday?!

Monday….. No!

Our past….you couldn’t have possibly forgotten already, could you??

The lives lost….

The property destroyed…

The displacement, child torn from mother, sister from brother, husband from wife

The agony, the hurt, the tears….now scars

Our scars…..imprinted on our skin, our memories, our environment

A constant reminder of our yesterday, to make sure we never forget

But have we, are we willing to have a second go at our war?!

More damage perhaps, more blood spilled, more lives lost, most orphans…

Have more chaos…

I mean as long the leader we want gets into office yes?!

Means to a good end??

Only to prove a point…..meaningless point that tribe matters

Does it really?!


Family or friends, colleagues or neighbors

We had a bond

Didn’t we support different football teams and still watch the match together

Didn’t we have family arguments but still turn to each other in times of need, always ready to help

Didn’t we compete towards the same position at work, but have drinks after to celebrate the signed contract

Didn’t we donate blood to help save the life of a friend’s relative

Didn’t we unite and stand as one when attacked by terrorists 

Us…we….. Kenyans

But were you not  from another tribe? wasn’t your colleague as well who helped me get a job?! 

What about the friend you introduced me to who became my husband?!


What changed?!

I mean we had disagreements but we got past them

We agreed to disagreed, we had different opinions and that’s okay

Or so I thought

Who said my tribe would dictate my vote?!

I just wanted a good leader….

I guess my tribe spoke louder, because before I knew it I was fleeing

Running for my life, with no destination in mind just running from what I called home

I lost a husband

You lost a brother

She, a mother

Her, her dignity

Him, his home

Them, their livelihood

We, our peace…..


So what then?! ….

We were left to pick up the pieces, myself and others in a similar situation

Pains like mine

Struggles like mine

Ours eyes wide open…

Lessons instilled us…

A battle with no winner….nothing but destruction

And for what?!

Yes we wanted a leader, yes we all want out candidate to win, but even he could not bring back what I lost…..

I learnt, we did…. I hope you did too, because this scars will never fade away.



Do you remember yesterday….

Or do you intend for it to be your tomorrow???!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Gracia says:

    Woooow it’s a great one…indeed we should preach peace

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Yes we should 😊….. Thanks Gracia


  2. Mercy Wandera says:

    The best post dear..will surely spread the peace message 😊


    1. nabwirae says:

      Aaaaw thanks doll….. Yess help spread the word…


  3. mwaradiaries says:

    i loove this. at the end of the day we are still one no matter the political difference

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Yes we are. Thankyou 😊


  4. Waithera Ng'ang'a says:

    Niiiice.Message of peace.Spread love,spread peace….#TribeOne #Tribeless Kenya👍👊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks doll 😊 😊
      Love those hashtags


  5. scottwahinya says:

    wonderful post dear:)… yeah, we honestly need to remember what’s at stake here.


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