Extinct! He said…

There’s no wife material anymore

These women cannot make a home

Play the role of wife, and eventually a mother…..

Cannot be taken to my parents…

I’ve seen marriages crumble, I’ve seen how miserable my friends are, simply because there are no wives anymore

Now, all these women want is to show us that they can do better, do without us, that they don’t have to depend on us

Equality they call it, or it is equity

Women today are not like they used to be….

There I was in the presence of a professional

Expert on all things women

He even gave the statics, how there are no more virgins, how all women are lose, how all we want is money, are after power, want to take the place of the man

He knew it all, how?? Was he married,was this all from experience……. No just another boy complaining about other people’s problems…Treating all women as if we one and the same person

Who did he think he was…..clearly an expert on this subject, but what made him qualify

What made him think he could be a husband to a woman somewhere?!

What made him think he was worthy to head a home, make decisions, start a family

What made him think he deserved a wife?? One who would submit

He knew…..correction thought he knew all there was about women, what about himself….

Was he even husband material to disqualify all women from being wife material?!

_20170606_205843He wanted to come back home late at night and have no questions asked…..always thought care and concern were good but hey what do I know, I guess a doormat will do just fine

He wanted submission, he wanted his wife to know her place, that he was the head, and wasn’t she the neck, aren’t they supposed to work together…..seems like for him she was the tail…..all that was expected of her was to do as told.

He wanted to occasionally fool around with young girls, I mean he was a man, he needed variety….and that his wife would stay, tolerate his behave, I mean she loved him….. Did he not love her aswell??

He wanted a wife who would cook, clean, do laundry, take care of the home like the mother, why didn’t he marry the mother…..guess the father was already in the picture

He wanted a woman who always held back from a reaching her potential, did the minimal, who earned less, who was not capable of any ideas, who never challenged him or herself……. Always beneath him ….because money made them wild, then they craved power, then they too want to be the head, he couldn’t have that….

A weak man can never handle a strong woman…

And and woman is never ‘we’ but an ‘I’……. Her own person, always different from your former


But he wanted a daughter…..

One who would know better, be empowered, treated with respect, not taken for granted, stand for what she believes, who would know her worth….

And she would obviously make a great wife…..

It’s just the men who would no longer be ‘husband’ material….


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  1. We humans, hehe…we love ourselves too much to the extent of treating other bad

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    1. nabwirae says:

      So true….. And very unfortunate


  2. marrieta says:


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  3. mwaradiaries says:

    well put. men are just not husband material anymore

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    1. Me says:

      But do you know,with should all embrace the perspective of saying things individually


    2. nabwirae says:

      Some are……. Just not each and every man


      1. The same way some women just aren’t wife material anymore. We both can’t be the head its a fact, even co pilots have rank. Nobody is looking forna doormat in marriage, they are looking for a partner in crime and shoulder to lean on.


      2. nabwirae says:

        Hehehe you mean you are looking for a partner in crime and shoulder to lean on….. Every man is an individual, same with women….. Unrealistic demands are always there, some people don’t mind others do….. There’s where decisions of getting married are made.
        Also the man can be the head, but does he play the part??!


  4. scottwahinya says:

    wueh… ii piece ni moto sana👏
    Thank You Chantalle:)

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    1. nabwirae says:

      Thankyou Eric….. and welcome


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    1. nabwirae says:

      Shukran boo……
      Love you 😘😘


  6. rebeccaivy says:

    Nice piece there

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    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks Rebecca

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  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love it

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    1. nabwirae says:

      Thankyou 😊 😊


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