Hello guys. My name is Jack2y (the 2 is silent). This is my first time writing is someone else’s space so if I ramble on and on and on and on, bear with me. I’m a tad bit nervous.

There is a lesson I have learnt time and time again throughout the course of my life. As a normal human being, which I’m assuming I am, we tend to make the same mistakes a bunch of times before we are able to make a different choice. And even then after some time we go back to it, just like a refresher mistake course. If you feel me nod. Don’t worry, nobody will think you are crazy nodding at a screen like a crazy person.

The lesson is the value of being myself in any situation presented to me. And this means that whatever may come my way I would handle it as Jack2y would handle it. For me it’s usually with a lot of questions, research, confusion and finally letting go especially if it’s something I cannot control.

When we see the value in ourselves, we are able to be more engaged, more confident, more kind to others, more loving, more able to handle situations in the best way we possibly can at that specific time in those  specific conditions. Being ourselves is the most rewarding thing because you get what you want and you do not have to put up with something that is not real and true to you.

As much as it is rewarding, it is very hard. Let’s be real, right? Sometimes we do not want to take responsibility for our mistakes, sometimes we are lazy to interact and work hard, sometimes we would honestly choose a thing over a person and we all know that it is shitty but we think it anyways. Being real with yourself means not sugar coating all of this factors. Especially our flaws.

I am a firm believer in that when you are yourself in every aspect in life, things are going to work out for your good. We will make big ass mistakes, but guess what, such is life. We need to learn to stand, to walk, to run and to fly.

So moral of the story, you are the bomb dot com and don’t let anybody especially yourself tell you anything less.

Okay enough rambles, I wish you positive vibes, love and light. Now go slay!


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  1. marrieta says:

    Being you…great☺

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