2017 is here! It’s that time of the year again when we get the famous:
                           New year….
New me!!!
New sponsor?!
No?! Same old….. Pun intended.
Image result for images of new year 2017
What’s my problem anyway?! I’m just wondering out loud. I have no problem with sponsors, really I don’t. I mean they are grown men, that have done well in life and have more than enough to spare, go ahead, do you……be philanthropic. I mean we all have a type, personally I like my men tall….. Your preference is married, rich (or seems rich), seven kids, three grand kids, loves to travel and know how to spend, on you of course, go ahead follow your heart, or his pocket, it’s your choice.
Oh yes, I was explaining what my problem is….my problem is the woman, women, ladies…..not because of their preference in men, no that is your choice. Five years down the line, you’ve had the same sponsor, or switched them a couple of times, or they are seven now poteto potato, yet there you are the beginning of a new year, waiting on him/them to send money for your rent, house shopping, hair, shoes, bras and panties. Every single bill is dependent on someone’s grandfather somewhere.
No this is not a pity party for sponsors they chose that life, and so did you…..but seriously five years down the line and you still have no value you’ve added to yourself. Still waiting on him to pay every single bill you have. No business, no land you bought somewhere, investment, or at least an idea brewing, no hustle, no shop somewhere, nothing, no income whatsoever your getting on your own, zero, nada, nothing!!!! Wow…..ooppps, I’m sorry I forgot you have an iPhone!
But really, five years, or five months should it matter, this man keeps throwing money your way often, for no work done lol (OK that’s a story for another day). As I was saying, he gives you money in large amounts, be smart!!! Really, think, shoes get old and so do clothes, I mean how long will your trip to Dubai be a big deal…..it’s so last year. You’re getting old, honestly you are, so is your is sponsor but that never stopped you ey?!  He will drop you soon, you’ll be surprised how many young ladies are around.
Image result for hard work quotesAs I said, be smart, do something for yourself, start a business, the sponsor was there, but you gave yourself the push, you bought your bras and panties for yourself not in Paris, but heck you bought them! Pay your own rent, be your own person, have your own income. Yesss, my problem is the women, let’s be smart it’s 2017 not 1977, we are no longer just in the kitchen, or waiting on sponsors, or there to make the man look good as their walking trophy, we can do great, so let’s stop slacking.
Yet there you are, as a man, nodding your head so hard on how I said it all. Yet all you do all day is turn up, play video games and wait on that very ‘mature’ woman…sponsee, they say. I mean she has no expectations from you, you are simply just young and energetic, and she keeps giving you money, the young ones keep asking you for money, I mean what choice did you have?! Three words, BE A MAN!!!!
As I said, it’s a new year.
Be smart!
Have your own….
Take those risks…..
Make this year count!!!

Happy new year!!!!!

**** My opinion

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jack2y says:

    Real talk mami! It’s good 🦄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      i appreciate… thanks…


  2. Grace says:

    Well spoken

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks Grace…


  3. Lynn Maina says:

    Accurate! Profound.


    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks Lynn. I’m grateful


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