I scrolled through my baby, my one week old IPhone 6, looking for the bestie’s name, found it.

           Dialling Tru…

 Sponsor no. 3(why have one when you can have more) had bought me my iPhone 6s just last week Friday, finally. It would have been an iPhone 7 but I was too impatient to wait, so I opted for the next best thing.

“Hello?!” she said

“Hey, I’ve reached, where exactly are you?!”

“Artcaffe,” she replied.

“Sawa, am coming.”

He’d already paid for the cab here, since I’d told him I was meeting my friend. It was tradition now, Friday was sponsor no. 3’s day, we never met every week, but when we did it was always a Friday. He’d pick the hotel, and I would take a cab and we’d meet there. A great meal, a glass of wine or two, then we would head up to the rooms, sometimes we had the meal in the room, It worked for us both. Life was great. He preferred buying me gifts, ‘whatever you want’ he always said. The travel I left to no. 1 and 4.

Immediately I walked into Artcaffe, I spotted her, she slays with the African hair. It had been a minute since we bonded. We hugged..


I placed my new found love on the table. Image result for images of iphone 6s

“… were serious”

I wasn’t sure if she was asking or thinking out loud, but I knew she was referring to the phone. To say that she didn’t approve of my sponsored lifestyle will be a huge understatement. She just did not like it and voiced it out as much as she could. I guess those are the true friends, they say it as it is whether you like or not, want to hear it or not. I guess somewhere deep down she hoped I was joking.

I heard, I listened to what she said, I knew she was coming from a place of love, but I loved good things, the lavish hotels, the travel, not being broke, a stress free life. I was not breaking a home, I didn’t want him to leave his wife, commitment was the last thing on my mind, so what was wrong with enjoying his money?!

“Yeah, I was serious, no. 3 bought it last week, and gave it to me.”

“No. 3??! How many are they” She tried, but just couldn’t conceal the shock.


“Four!!!!” she announced to everyone there, she might ask for a mic. She immediately noticed the looks she got. The waiter came to our table just then, placing the milkshake in front of me and the other in front of Tru.  Aaaaw she ordered for me, isn’t she the best. “Thanks,”  I said to the waiter, she smiled and walked away.

Image result for friends having milkshakes images


“Anything else you want to let everyone here know?!” She shrugged, “why do you have four sponsors?!”

“Why not?!”

“And they are all married?!”

“One isn’t, his divorced, has kids though.”

“Aids is real, and a million other diseases, they have money and the best health insurance policies, you don’t”

“I’m careful”

“They are married, they have wives and children”

“Well great, I don’t want them to leave their wives or abandon their kids. They have more than enough. Ours is a business transaction.”

“Ooooh you mean being a whore… “

I heard her, loud and clear, I just chose to ignore her, concentrated on my milkshake.


“Young lady… “

I lifted my head to see someone standing right there, beside our table. She didn’t look happy to see me, so she was definitely not a distant relative or one of my parents friends who had recognized me. If I had to guess she was between 45 and 50 and had maintained herself really well. Her jewelry alone screamed wealth, not to mention her attire, and her shoes, I loved her shoes. Am not sure if she was staring at me or her mind had drifted someplace else, but we were eyeing each other for a while, in my defense she was at out table.

“You are young,” finally she speaks “do you think I was not young myself once, you’re very beautiful,” well thanks, but I have a feeling it wasn’t exactly a compliment, “but very lazy, very lazy.”

Did I mention her voice was really loud, she definitely had everybody’s attention.

“You, and the others like you who want it easy, everything on a silver platter without having to lift a finger, shame on you!”  Just like that her voice was louder. “You want to use money that you have no idea how it was earned. Always ready to spread your loose legs, to get what?!” She eyed my iPhone “an iPhone, are you really that cheap?!”

This was a scene and I was definitely the main attraction and I don’t remember ever wanting a chair to swallow me as much as I did at that point in time. “I will only say this once, I was to do worse but I figured a warning would be good for starters, stay away from my husband….”

Sasa who was her husband, no. 1,3 or, 4??!

“….where were you when we had nothing, during our struggle, when we walked because a matatu was not on our budget, where?! Answer me?!”

Yes, she was definitely screaming now, anytime time now chair, that swallowing act would be real good.

Am sure that was rhetorical question, had I just tried to answer her, she would  cut my tongue off. Her eyes said it all, the hate, disgust, probably both.

“….then now you want to swoop in and reap where you did not sow. Shameless lazy girl, how long till you are too old, and can no longer attract other people’s husbands. Then what, who will buy you the iPhone 20 then. I said before, stay away from my husband, this is a warning, next time I won’t be so nice.”

Wait, how did she even know I’d be here, I don’t work here, we don’t do this regularly, so how did she know where I’d be. Had she followed me, does she have me followed on a regular. Maybe she’s no. 3’s wife that would make sense, she saw us earlier, but what if she’s not.

“Have some self respect, and get a job that you tell your mother about,” with the fakest smile plastered on her face she walked way.

Everyone was staring, every single person, including my best friend, guess she was tongue tied as well. They all knew my business, all of them, probably all judging, the embarrassment, how would I leave this place?! Where would I hide my face?! Someone had probably taken my photo and soon I’d be a trending topic and meme. Embarrassing me was her warning?! She’d do worse?! What?! Acid on my face?  Have me beaten up? Embarrass  me publicly each time she had a chance?! Drag my name through the mud?! What happens when I graduate and start looking for a job but I have a tarnished reputation?! What happens when it gets to my parents??!

Could I blame her though?! This was her life, her marriage and I was the intruder. She probably just wanted the hubby to spend more time with the kids or not have him bring her diseases or she really loved him and wanted herself to be the only woman in his life, an exception of the kids, tired of sharing her man or she wanted the best for her family or maybe she was just tired of him wasting money on lazy women, tired of the rumors or maybe she just wanted them/us to make something out of ourselves. Whatever her reason was she’d had enough and a scorned woman has no limits……and I was not willing to wait and find out if she was bluffing.Why, why did I even need the sponsor to begin with??!



Probably why I don’t have one….

Have to many reasons.

****life of an over-thinker

****reasons I don’t have a sponsor


****but that’s just me….



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kimathi Makini says:

    ‘anytime time now chair, that swallowing act would be real good.’haha. I love this sense of humor, if i’d call it that

    Beautiful read Nabwirae.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      hehehe, well thanks Kimathi….


  2. Judith says:

    Creativity..I love


  3. Millie says:

    Your posts speak of day to day occurrences…good read…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Thankyou Millie


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