Whose back???  . . . . . I am!

Needed time to collect my thoughts, ooh and I had to finish reading some novel lol. Anyways, new post. Enjoy

Thank you, I see the support you give me. God bless.

The mood is sombre, the dress code is black, and as the coffin is being lowered, reality hits…. you will never see this person again, have a conversation, all the memories good and bad are just that, memories, and you can no longer make more at least not with them. You can’t help yourself as the tears fall, you shared something, formed a bond, yet just like that, it’s broken. It wasn’t an accident, they were not sick, or murdered, their body did not just give in, it was a forced end, they ended it themselves……. Suicide! This was so unexpected.

But why?? You don’t understand, you have all these questions yet no answers. What you remember is a positive person, social and optimistic. What happened?? What changed?? When did they stop confiding in you?? What were they stressed about ?? Did something push them to this?? Was this an easy escape… or was it that they felt their voice was no longer heard, no one bothered to check up and just catch up. They had problems obviously, but don’t we all, but this….it is never an easy option, it’s a forced end, but for them it was the best solution they could think of, and this decision has no opportunity to take it back.

Then it dawns on you, you don’t even remember the last time you spoke, caught up and just had a conversation on what’s going in each of your lives. Well yeah you’re probably busy, but are you blind as well?? The last time you saw him/her they just weren’t themselves. You know this person, hence why you are not celebrating but mourning. Suddenly they are drifting apart, withdrawn, their mood dull, they are never sober, no longer have priorities or ambition, no interaction wanted, moodiness, weight loss stop ignoring such drastic changes. Loss of life is hard for us all to accept,but for one to even consider ending it all themselves, that have lost all hope on everyone and everything.

The irony is clear though, we stand wondering why anyone would commit suicide yet we have all these stereotypes related to stress and depression. We expect a particular age group and an individual who has gone through grief to be in this position.Why are you stressed/depressed and yet you are young, you have no family to feed or bills to think about….. Yet you are rich, you have all these money to solve your problems….. You’re always so happy and cracking jokes yet this, you’re a man we don’t sit down and talk about our problems, yours is not the first relationship to end, let her/him go, you deserve better.  Well everything is not what it seems, and until someone shares we never know whats going on in their minds.

Image result for depression images           Image result for depression images

They are young yes, but are violated and abused daily by the househelps/nannies you leave them with at home….

Bullied daily in school, physical abuse? No but psychological, the words stay with them, children are fragile, and that flaw of theirs that is constantly highlighted, leads to them breaking slowly

Your children are so afraid of you as a parent instead of respecting you. They would opt for anything than to have to think about the consequences they will face when you find out about a mistake they made

They may be rich, but they have no true friends, it’s always a bragging contest, who has more, well and the whores of course, they come in numbers and are always ready to take, yet their business is falling apart, and everyone seems to depend on them

They are funny, all the time cracking you up, so when they have a problem they shut down. They hide it so well

You got over you’re ex, well good for you, some will forget, others will plan for vengeance, others will not have interest for another relationship, yet others cannot get past it, the betrayal, the pain, the time wasted, it replays in their heads over and over again

The men, unlike the women it’s comical for them to sit and share their feelings. They would rather talk about the progress they made, and other plans they have to better themselves, but never about something stressing them out.

Who said we react to situations the same? We are all different and with that our reaction will be different. You may work through it, but another person is overwhelmed sitting and contemplating a way to end it all.

I was watching Being Mary Jane, season 2 recently, yes I should catch up, anyways there is an episode she said ”People never call me to just check up, find out what I have been up to and what’s new in my life, to congratulate me for a job well done, or give their input about my show today, and that topic of discussion. Instead they always want something, a place to stay, money, a favor,and after I have helped they forget about me all over again.” No she wasn’t suicidal…… but this statement stuck with me. My point is, is that you?? Unless you’re getting something from someone, you just never communicate.

It’s the little things that count. You might just make someone’s day and have no idea you did, encourage someone by a simple statement you said as a by the way, but for them they feel so encouraged. Just that text message or simple phone call might change someone’s situation. A conversation after a stressful day. Listening to your son or daughter, and what they did in school, or while you were away. You might help get there mind off things and hence they can look at things from a different perspective

We are social begins for a reason, we need each other we need interaction. Go home early and bond with your children be strict but let them not be afraid to share their life with you, have a drink with friends, let your hair down. Love life. So instead of sitting down and wondering why your  child/sibling/friend/parent committed suicide, be there for them while they are still around, ask the difficult questions, tell them the truth about their loss of morale and encourage them the best way you can. Most of all listen and pray for them. You may not change the situation, they may still force their end, but you tried to help, that might just save a life. Don’t wait to stand at yet another graveside and ask yourself the same questions.

Who will answer you, they will already be six feet under by then . . . .

Remember kids, don’t force your end,love your life…


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  1. wendy ochoo says:

    that’s amazing..Great piece

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    1. nabwirae says:

      Thank you Wendy


    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks doll…


  2. mwaradiaries says:

    people love your life. great article


    1. nabwirae says:

      Exactly… Thank you


  3. Good one Shantii

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  4. brian says:

    great piece love it

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  5. Zawadi says:

    Love love and love!! 🙆 such a lovely piece,Nabwirae…😊 love it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. millie says:

    great message right there..its true we all have things we are going through and its tough but if we share with each other even random people it helps loosen our stress a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Ikr, sooo true, sometimes just talking really helps.
      And thanks…


  7. Natalie says:

    This is really nice…youdr writing skills are very serious

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nabwirae says:

      Thanks doll…I appreciate


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